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LiDAR Scanning for Visual Effects and Animation

LiDAR Scanning for Visual EffectsLidar scanning for visual effects, CGI, and animation speeds up design-to-production time, increases design accuracy and workflow efficiency. Lidar scanning (also called “3D laser scanning”) offers rapid and efficient capture and unparalleled precision – capturing precise 3-dimensional measurements of structures, environments, and objects. 3D scanning results in point cloud data containing accurate surface measurements and geometry and can also contain colour and texture. The 3-dimensional data can be imported into design software directly or converted to meshes for use as a foundation for design.

Photodocufy provides 3d scanning services for a variety of CGI and visual effects applications.

Why 3D Scanning Services for VFX & Animation?

  • Scan to 3D is fast and efficient.
    Scan-to-3D modelling is much faster than modelling environments and objects “from scratch”.
  • Accurate reality capture.
    3D scanning captures accurate dimensions of structures, cityscapes, landscapes, interiors and objects for realistic environment design and scene replacement.
  • Interoperable data.
    Point cloud data – the 3-dimensional measurements resulting from a scan – can be exported in a variety of file types for sharing between numerous design applications.

Recommended Services

The following services are relevant to visual effects/CGI and animation.

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