MEP & BIM Engineering

Scan to BIM & As-Built Structural BIM

MEP and Scan to BIMPhotodocufy provides laser scan to BIM (Building Information Modelling) and as-built structural BIM services for MEP & BIM practitioners. 3D laser scans result in point cloud data containing 3-dimensional surface measurements of an object or environment. Point cloud data can be supplied to designers or engineers for import into modelling software, or, Photodocufy can create 3D Revit or Tekla models for your project.

Because 3D models created from laser scan information are millimetre-accurate representations of their real-world counterparts, designers and engineers can use them as reliable starting points for troubleshooting, redesign and retrofit. Designing from an accurate 3D model increases design-to-production speed, design accuracy, and reduces errors that may result in change orders. Scan to BIM models can be used in MEP and BIM documentation, construction and engineering verification, redesign, reconstruction or renovation.

Why Scan to BIM or MEP Models?

MEP and BIM models created from 3D laser scan data  provide designers and engineers accurate and reliable representations with many benefits.

  • Precise 3-dimensional measurements and geometry.
  • Pre-construction clash detection.
  • Pre-construction visualization of proposed MEP/BIM redesign, retrofit.
  • As-built verification.
  • Accurate visual documentation.
  • Increased design-to-production speed.

Recommended Services

The following services are relevant to MEP and BIM engineers.

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