Industrial Plants & Inspection

3D Inspection Services & Plant Asset Management

3D inspection servicesPhotodocufy provides visual, as-built 3D inspection services and online plant asset management that increases efficiency and accuracy.

While periodic visual inspection may detect deformations and imperfections in plant structures, machinery and assets, human error can lead to catastrophic and costly failures. Our services make inspection more efficient and provide a reliable and precise second-level of visual verification, detecting what the eye may miss.

Using high-resolution panoramic tours and 3D laser scanners, our services provide an accurate visual record of plant assets used in plant documentation, inventory and inspection. We offer one-time capture or ongoing, periodic capture, so you can see historical conditions and more easily detect changes.

Visual Plant Asset Management

High resolution, interactive panoramic tours allow inspectors and plant asset management teams to “walk” the industrial plant or site virtually. 3D laser surveying captures precise measurements in 3 dimensions and can be used as the basis for accurate models – complete with millimetre-precise measurement data.

Your team can access tours, 3D models and documentation of plant assets online from a secure portal – your virtual plant. View assets, invite users, collaborate and share online. All you need is Internet access and a web browser.

Recommended Services

The following services are relevant to plant inspection and asset management.

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