Construction Project Documentation

ConstructionPhotodocufy provides several construction project documentation services that make it easier for construction teams to precisely document site conditions, verify changes and track construction progress over time. Visual documentation enhances due diligence, reduces risk, and provides a permanent and indisputable history of your project build.

In addition to online photo documentation, we offer surveying and mapping services using traditional surveying methods and 3D laser scanning. Surveying services can be used pre-construction or as part of post-construction, as-built documentation.

Precise, Professional Services

Photodocufy is a division of Underhill Geomatics Ltd – a trusted name in professional surveying since 1913. With our experience in the construction sector and our knowledge of technologies that support the efforts of construction teams, you are assured professional services that adhere to strict standards.

Recommended Services

The following services are relevant to the construction industry.

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