Civil Infrastructure Management

Civil Infrastructure & Public Utility Management

civil infrastructure management

Photodocufy visual documentation services support civil infrastructure management and enhance current infrastructure management systems by providing visual documentation and spatial data collection services. Our high resolution panoramic tours, 3D laser surveys and models from laser survey data, accurately document the condition of public infrastructure and assets over time. Tours and models can be used in conjunction with computerized maintenance management and infrastructure management systems.

Urban Infrastructure Documentation

Photodocufy records the state of civil infrastructure and public utilities including: buildings, electrical grids and facilities, hydro-electric stations and water treatment facilities, roads, highways, bridges, railways and transit facilities.

Hosted Construction Documentation

Accurately Visualized Infrastructure

We provide accurate visual documentation, including 3D panoramic tours, laser surveys, laser scan point cloud models, and 3D digital models. Our services aid in infrastructure lifecycle management, inventory of urban infrastructure and public utilities, historical documentation, inspection, maintenance and repair. Services can be one-time or ongoing – updating visual records over time so you can monitor the condition of aging infrastructure at specific dates.

Photodocufy can provide you with tour and model files, or, access to an online visual infrastructure management portal. With our secure, online system, your team can view panoramic tours, 3D models, and manage documents from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

Recommended Services

The following services are relevant to civil and urban infrastructure management and pubic utilities management.

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