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Photodocufy’s construction site photography services provide a permanent visual record of interior construction over time. Throughout construction, we photographically document interior rough-ins, in-wall construction, services/MEP and final finishes, providing an indisputable record that can be viewed online or offline. An accurate visual record of as-built conditions protects developers, builders and other stakeholders while increasing transparency, collaboration and accountability.

How it Works

We work with construction project managers to develop a photography schedule. We arrive on site on milestone dates (often monthly) and shoot panoramic photographs from the same locations each visit. At each location, we photograph in full 360-degrees, resulting in one interactive image that captures the same detail as 8-11 conventional photographs. This significantly reduces our time on site and creates a virtual experience that can’t be provided by single-image photography.

Benefits of Interior Construction Site Photography

Construction companies and developers have a higher due diligence burden than ever before. Project stakeholders want assurances that work is being completed correctly and processes are documented thoroughly. Photodocufy provides fully-managed construction site photography and online access to visual construction documentation. Our services ease the due diligence burden, reduce risk and improve team collaboration.

Accurate, permanent and indisputable visual construction record.

24/7 secure online access to your photo documentation project.

Enhances current documentation processes.

Protects developers, builders and stakeholders by chronicling as-built conditions in detail.

Reduces risk and improves due diligence.

Saves time and reduces site visits.

Interior documentation photo tours

Interior photo documentation can be photographed with high resolution panoramic cameras or 3D laser scanners. The result is high resolution interactive, 360° tours viewed from your online visual documentation project, or, via company Intranet, website or computer.

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24/7 online visual documentation

Access a virtual construction site online, anytime from any modern browser on desktop, laptop or tablet. Invite users, upload documents and other assets and collaborate with others.

Construction site photography online

Navigate photos by plan location

Photo documentation tour navigation can be tied to construction plans so users can quickly orient themselves and view tours at different points in the plan.

Construction plan

Navigate photos by floor and date

Interactive panoramic photos can be organized by floor and date.

Interior construction interactive photo tour

Photo documentation from start to finish

Photodocufy photographs and manages photographic construction documentation from the start of construction to completion. At project’s end, we provide you with a standalone copy of your online photo documentation for use on a company Intranet, the web or a computer.

Interior construction interactive photo tour

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