360° Floor & Slab Construction Progress Photos

Building construction photography online

Photodocufy building construction photography provides a visual record of floor and slab as-built conditions over time. Verify construction changes from beginning to end of the construction project by viewing an archive of high resolution 360° panoramic tours.

How it Works

In consultation with your project managers, we determine a floor and slab photography schedule. Arriving on site on milestone dates, Photodocufy photographs high resolution stitched panoramic photos. We then build virtual tours that you can view from our online photo documentation project portal, company Intranet or computer. Construction photographs are taken from the same locations on each visit, resulting in a permanent change record.


Time-saving, risk reduction and efficiency is vital to construction project management. Building construction photography saves your team time in site visits, allows for online collaboration, and increases due diligence. A permanent record of floor and slab construction changes increases accountability, reduces risk and enhances transparency.

View floor and slab progress without visiting the site.

Accurate record of floor and slab construction changes

Enhances project management efficiency and increases accountability.

Increase transparency and trust.

Secure, 24/7 online access.

Managed by Underhill Geomatics Ltd - professional surveyors who understand the needs of the construction industry.

Floor & slab panoramic photos

Interactive panoramic photography is far more valuable than static construction photo documentation. Drag, zoom and rotate tours 360° for a more accurate, all-encompassing view, floor by floor and slab by slab.

Try It!

Online building construction photography portal

Floor and slab progress tours are accessed online. All you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser. View tours in an organized web interface – your project’s online home. Collaborate and invite stakeholders to view the build as it happens, leave comments, upload documents, PDFs, and images.

Building construction photo documentation showing floor slab construction

Floor and slab progress photos

Photodocufy photographs floors and slabs at intervals over the course of construction resulting in an accurate record of as-built conditions over time.

Building levels slab construction photography

Construction plan navigation

Floor and slab plans are built into the panoramic construction tour for quick orientation and navigation to photo tours at points on the plan.

Floor and slab construction photography

Accurate, permanent visual documentation

Building construction photography provide an accurate and permanent record. Construction photo tours can be viewed from your secure online construction photo project, company Intranet or computer.

Exterior building construction photography

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