As-Built Construction Photography Services

Construction photography services and as-built documentation: verification that reduces risk and saves time.

Construction progress photography

360° Exterior Construction Progress Photos

Photodocufy photographs exterior construction at intervals over the course of construction. High resolution panoramic photos can be taken from different positions and elevations. Typically, we are on site monthly or at each construction phase, and photograph from the same location each time, updating the photo tours after each visit. Your team can view 360° tours from an online documentation portal.

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360° Floor & Slab Construction Progress Photos

Photodocufy’s floor and slab photo documentation provides online access to an accurate visual record of as-built construction. 360° panoramic photos are photographed and updated from the beginning to the end of construction. Your team accesses photo tours online, saving time in site visits, reducing risk and streamlining the visual documentation process.

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Building construction photography online
Construction site photography online

360° Interior Construction Progress Photos

Our interior construction photography services record all aspects of an interior build including: framing, in-wall services and MEP, rough-ins and finishes. A visual record of interior construction decreases the documentation burden placed on developers and construction teams. Visual records by date provide evidence of construction processes, save on-site time, and increase transparency and trust.

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