Point Cloud to BIM Services

Point cloud to BIM of LRT station and surrounding buildings

About Point Cloud to BIM Services

Photodocufy point cloud to BIM (Building Information Modelling or “scan to BIM”) services employ the latest in 3D laser scanning, Revit and Tekla modelling. Our scan to BIM services provide your BIM project as-built 3D models of buildings, structures and objects that replicate the dimensions and precisely record the conditions of the source subject. As-built point cloud to BIM models can be interactive or static 2D or 3D.

Scan to BIM Process

“Scan to BIM” or “Point Cloud to BIM” begins with 3D laser surveying. Laser surveying results in a collection of millimetre-precise point clouds  – the object’s X, Y, Z coordinates in 3-dimensional space. Point clouds contain tens to hundreds of millions of points that describe a form’s surface. Point clouds are then visualized – converted to meshes for use in 3D modelling applications.

Photodocufy provides end-to-end scan to BIM services –  from 3D laser scanning to Revit and Tekla model creation.

Who Uses Point Cloud to BIM?

Point cloud to BIM services are useful to construction and engineering, facilities, infrastructure, plant management, mechanical and visual effects design.

Models created from point cloud data are used for:

  • Visual documentation.
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling).
  • Inspection and verification.
  • Engineering and design.
  • Retrofitting, re-engineering and reverse engineering.
  • Construction remodelling.
  • Animation and effects.

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