360° Panoramic Photography

Floor and slab construction photography

About Construction Progress Photos

360° construction progress photos provide complete coverage, helping construction firms comply with contractual obligations for site documentation while providing accurate visual construction records that reduce risk if any claims should arise. Panoramic construction progress photos (sometimes called 360° virtual tours) are an integral part of visual construction documentation. Interactive virtual tours allow users to view, zoom and drag a panoramic image spherically through 360 degrees for an immersive experience. Panoramic tours are the next best thing to being on site. Users can “walk” a virtual construction site without ever leaving the office.

360° panoramic tours are photographed with panoramic cameras such as NCTech iStar or Matterport. Panoramas may also be created from 3D laser scan data – keeping measurement information intact and allowing users to click from point to point in a tour to view distances and coordinates.

Who Uses 360° Virtual Tour Services?

Virtual tours are much more than pretty pictures. They memorialize the subject in detail providing a lasting, indisputable visual record and an immersive experience.

360° virtual tours are used by many industries from construction to tourism. Any organization that would like to provide users with an interactive virtual experience of a site, building, structure, object or environment, will benefit. Panoramic tours are also used by industries that require exhaustive and detailed visual records as part of documentation.

Industry Use Examples

  • Construction
    Uses: construction progress photos, as-built conditions, change verification, due diligence, permanent visual records.
  • Facilities management
    Uses: facilities condition documentation, MEP documentation, inspection.
  • Civil infrastructure
    Uses: infrastructure management, documentation and inspection.
  • Industrial plants
    Uses: plant documentation and inspection.

Interactive Virtual Tours

“3D” interactive construction progress photos provide an experience that cannot be achieved with static photography. Panoramic virtual tours are the next best thing to being there.

Try It!

Laser Scan Data Virtual Tour

This virtual tour of a church interior is not a photograph! The church was laser surveyed then the resulting point cloud data was used to create the panoramic tour. Measurement data is intact so clicking from point to point reveals distance measurements.

Panoramic photo documentation can be part of Photodocufy’s online construction documentation service or as a standalone tour.
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