Photodocufy Brings Full-Service Photo Documentation to the UK

Construction Photo Documentation UK

Photodocufy Brings Full-Service Photo Documentation to the UK

Photodocufy is pleased to announce that it has brought full-service photo documentation to projects in the UK. Working with experienced reality-capture specialists Grounds Associates Ltd, building owners, facility managers, and contractors in the UK can benefit from the same high standards of quality and dependability that Canadian clients of the Photodocufy full-capture, management, and delivery services have enjoyed for many years.

Construction Photo Documentation UK

Overlooking the City of London: Professional-grade 360-degree cameras are standard tools operated by Grounds Associates Ltd. on high-profile projects in the UK and beyond.

Why use full-service photo documentation?

There is increased dependability from owners and facility managers on full documentation of their assets throughout the construction lifecycle. The cost of locating information related to installations on a project can quickly add up after the asset is handed back by the contractor. Equally, contractors see photo documentation as an integral part of their internal protocol to provide proof of completion during the claims processes at project closeout.

While cloud-based data management platforms are used increasingly widely, complying with documentation requirements introduces an additional set of tasks that need to be completed by personnel onsite. This can lead to omissions and inconsistencies in coverage that can bring consequences of great expense to both the contractor and owner at the end of the build.

It is essential that photo documentation tasks are completed consistently and correctly the first time, and with least impact to other operations. This is why Photodocufy uses reality-capture experts onsite to collect site documentation information and ensure that it is complete and managed correctly when delivered to the client and stakeholders via

Professional reality capture, technology, data management and delivery

The Photodocufy construction documentation service is developed and delivered by British Columbia land survey firm, Underhill Geomatics. is a secure cloud-based platform that has been used to host and deliver survey and documentation data to facility managers and construction consortiums on projects across western Canada for over five years.

Photodocufy field service partners are equipped with professional grade 360-degree cameras that possess advanced high-definition (HD) capabilities. These HD characteristics enable inspection-grade imagery to be collected first-time, regardless of inconsistent lighting conditions that are typical on construction sites, and despite the dawn or dusk conditions when sites are accessed so as to not disturb other trades.

As reality-capture professionals, Photodocufy professionals can also undertake simultaneous terrestrial laser scanning or UAV-based capture of the site, all of which are also managed and delivered via the Photodocufy platform.

Why Grounds Associates Ltd?

Operating for over eight years as lead consultants in laser scanning, reality capture, engineering survey and BIM, Grounds Associates can be found operating all types of reality-capture technology across construction sites and urban centres on a daily basis. Accustomed to working to tight deadlines and in difficult environments, Grounds Associates is equipped to document a project with a minimum of impact on construction activities.

Where to meet Photodocufy?

The Photodocufy team composed of Alex Grounds and Will Tompkinson can be found on stand E11 at the Geobusiness 2019 exhibition at the Business Design Centre in London, UK from May 21 to 22. The exhibition is free to attend. To register, please visit:

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