Construction Documentation

Why We Take Construction Photographs Taking photographs to record issues and progress is standard practice on the modern construction site.  Where the adage of “a picture paints a thousand words” holds true, a construction professional or facilities manager can immediately interpret a photograph without additional training. And each photograph provides a time-stamped visual of specific construction elements and materials. Regularly taking photographs has been proven to: Increase communication and confirm project milestones across project team members, trades, and stakeholders Track progress, including installation of elements and movement of materials Provide evidence of contract and bylaw compliance Supplement documentation provided to facilities managers at project hand-over Approaches to Collecting and Managing Construction Imagery Photographs provide a project team or facilities manager with the visual information to know how a building has been constructed, which leads to savings through reducing cost overruns or rework. However, there are tangible and intangible costs associated with both capturing photographs...

What is USIBD?

Using imaging systems to document current conditions on a construction project is now standard practice. With members comprising professionals from across the US and internationally, the US Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) is a “non-profit mutual benefit corporation dedicated to furthering excellence of building documentation by promoting, educating, guiding and supporting stakeholders with an interest in the built environment in a way that cultivates networking and information sharing.”

The cost of looking

Costs incurred by facilities managers after the post-construction handover of a facility are significant, as highlighted by a quantitative study into the ROI from BIM in facilities management that was presented by George Broadbent of Microdesk at the recent AEC-NEXT conference in Anaheim on June 2018 (and discussed by Geoff Zeiss[1]). A National Institute of Standards and Technology study by the US government estimated that the cost of locating accurate information for what has been installed in a new facility can cost US$0.23/sq. ft. annually.

Photodocufy isn't new, but this website is. Welcome to our new home. Photodocufy is an application and service provided by Underhill Geomatics Ltd. The application allows construction project managers and stakeholders to "walk" a construction site virtually. The online application is fully-managed: we record and upload various visual documentation including panoramic photos, visualized point clouds (from 3D laser scans), 3D models and more.