About Photodocufy

Photographic Construction Documentation Services

Photodocufy is an online construction photo management application and photographic construction documentation service provided by Underhill Geomatics Ltd – a professional surveying firm in operation since 1913. Our services have supported construction and land development projects throughout North America.

The Benefits of Working with Photodocufy

Our experience as surveyors for construction and other industry sectors means we understand clients’ needs for accurate, complete and accessible documentation. Working within these industries, our team has developed an insider’s perspective and understanding of how visual documentation technologies can help our clients increase efficiency, lower project management costs, enhance due diligence and manage risk.


  • Photographic construction documentation.
    Interactive panoramic virtual tours and visualized laser scan point cloud tours for documentation, due diligence and construction verification.
  • Online construction documentation.
    A secure online portal that allows construction stakeholders to “walk” a virtual construction site. The application can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a web browser. Includes tours, models, document uploads and collaboration.
  • 3D laser scanning.
    3D laser scanning (sometimes called “lidar”) results in accurate 3-dimensional measurements that can be used for as-built verification, modelling, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) documentation and modelling, and BIM (Building Information Modelling).