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360° Tours & Online Project Management

Walk your virtual construction site online. Save time, fulfil contractual obligations for detailed construction documentation, reduce risk and enhance team collaboration. View construction photo documentation from a convenient, secure web portal. We capture as-built conditions from beginning to end of your construction project.

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Viewing construction photo documentation online


As-Built Construction Photography

Photodocufy photographs construction over time with high resolution panoramic cameras or 3d laser scanners. See the state of interior and exterior construction, rough-ins and MEP at milestone dates.

Online Visual Documentation

Online visual construction documentation saves time and site visits, reduces risk and enhances team communication. Visit your project and walk your construction site from any web browser, any time.

Services by Industry

Visual documentation services are relevant to many industries including: construction, facilities management, civil infrastructure, architectural design, mechanical engineering, and more.

How Construction Photo Documentation Works

Our online construction photo documentation is a fully-managed service. You log in and view your virtual construction site, we do the rest.

  • 1. Consultation

    We'll give you a tour of our secure, online visual construction documentation environment, discuss project needs and make recommendations for suitable interactive panoramic tours. You'll find out how visual documentation enhances your project management process.

  • 2. Photo Capture

    We schedule site visits over the course of construction. During each visit, we photograph the condition of floors, slabs, exterior, rough-ins, finishes and MEP. We shoot from the same locations on different dates so you can click through to see progress.

  • 3. Project Updates

    With our fully-managed, online photo documentation, we add and update photo tours and maintain the project for the duration of construction. At project's end, we deliver a standalone, portable version for computer, Intranet or website.

  • 4. Log in & View Progress

    Log in anywhere, any time from any modern browser on desktop, laptop or mobile device. View interactive panoramic construction tours and models. Manage users, share files and collaborate. Photodocufy supports you every step of the way.


Online Construction Documentation

Online Construction Documentation

Panoramic Construction Tour

Panoramic Construction Tour

Laser Scan to 3D Model

Laser Scan to 3D Model

Who Uses Photodocufy Services?



Save time and site visits by providing project stakeholders 24/7 online access to visual construction documentation. Construction progress tours are interactive, high definition panoramas. See construction changes over time, track progress and have a permanent visual record.

Facilities management

Facilities Management

Enhance facility management and maintenance planning with accurate visual records of exteriors, interiors and infrastructure – available online, 24/7. View a facility’s current condition and changes over time. Documentation can include photographic panoramic tours, visualized laser scan data and live web cams.

Civil infrastructure

Civil Infrastructure

Make civil infrastructure easier to manage, maintain and document with accurate digital representations created from lidar (3D laser scan) data or high-resolution, stitched panoramic photography. Laser scanned infrastructure can be presented as interactive 3D tours containing accurate spatial data.

Industrial and Plants

Industrial Plants

Keep accurate digital/visual records of industrial plant exteriors, interiors, machinery and infrastructure. Track the current state of your industrial facility and document changes over time with our progression photography and/or accurate visualized 3d laser scan data tours.

Mechanical Designers

Mechanical Designers

Improve design workflow and turnaround time by using our 3D laser scanning services. Laser survey point cloud data may be used to reverse engineer existing machinery for new design, record the state of existing machinery, or for accurate digital archives. We shoot and render laser scan resulting in interactive “3D” visual tours complete with measurement data.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects Designers

Speed up the architectural design workflow and more accurately represent people, places and objects. Use real-world spatial data as an accurate starting point for CGI movie effects, characters and game environments. We capture the environment in 3D, using state-of-the-art laser scanners. Point cloud data can be exported in a variety of formats for use by effects designers.


MEP & BIM Providers

Get precise visual documentation of vital building and site MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), or, laser scan data for use in BIM (Building Information Modelling). MEP may be rendered as 3D visualizations and high-def panoramic tours. You and your team access interactive visual records online, any time.

Who is Photodocufy?

Photodocufy is a leader in interactive photo documentation for the construction sector and other industries. We are a division of Underhill Geomatics Ltd, a trusted, professional surveying firm operating since 1913.
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